Why is my Internet bandwidth usage so high?

Here are some ways to find where your bandwidth is being used and ways to try to lower your usage:
● First, check out the Internet Usage section of the ZiplinkInternet web site. This tracks your usage daily, so days where there are spikes in the usage can help identify the cause (maybe someone was visiting that day).
● If you see in your usage that there are large amounts of uploading, this is usually caused by a file­sharing or torrent program. Settings in the program can usually decrease the amount that you share with others.
● If you have a wireless router, it is advisable to protect it with a password and periodically change the password in case it is compromised. Without a password, anyone within range of your signal can use your bandwidth (some routers have a far range).
● If you see extremely high usage, you may have a virus or malware that is causing this. Please have your computer checked and cleaned up. A good antivirus/antispyware program is essential to avoiding these situations.
● Some common Internet uses that take up a lot of bandwidth are downloading torrent files (full movies, TV shows, or large music lists), downloading game demos, and streaming video (YouTube, for example, uses about 125 MB/hour). Also, interactive gaming sites tend to use alot of data.