What do I need to know setting up my Email and Ziplink Internet spam controls?

  ZipLink Internet Customers,

Over the last year, we have seen a significant increase in spam email traveling over the ZipLink Internet networks. Many of our gateway IP addresses have been identified as spamming devices and are being block by some email services. Many times spam email is generated without your knowledge by viruses, malware, botnets, etc. that may be on your computers and internet connected devices.

Based on recommended best practices from the FCC Working Group 8 of the Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council related to Internet Service Provider (ISP) Network Protection, ZipLink Internet service will be implementing a new policy that may affect its customer access to email services.

We ask that all customers examine their Internet Security and malware protection software to make sure its up to date and is set to regularly scan and proactively protect your systems.

Starting on Nov 15th, Ziplink Internet will no longer allow customers to send or receive email using port 25.
If you are strictly using web based email via a web browser (such as yahoo.com, gmail.com, etc.), then this will not affect you.
If you are using Outlook, Outlook express or any other device based email client, including mobile devices, this may affect you.

Make sure your devices are using other secure methods to connect to your mail service, such as using port 587 with authentication.

Contact your mail service provider for more details.

If you use ZiplinInternet email service, help documents are found here. http://www.ziplinkinternet.com/email-help-files