Installation Process

ZipLink Internet service is delivered from our towers to your home or business over a wireless network.

For those locations, see the Service Areas page.

A wireless modem is required to gain access to our network.

If you are interrested in finding out if you are within our Service Area, or would like more information, following is the typical process:

  1. Submit a New Service Inquiry or give us a call at 1-800-281-4947 to speak with our Sales Manager.
  2. The Sales Manager or office personnel will provide you with an installation quote and other information you may need to know.
  3. An appointment is scheduled for a technician to install service.

Click here to submit a new Service Inquiry.

In order to receive the best possible signal from our tower, your modem should be located such that it has the fewest obstructions possible between it and the tower. In some cases, mounting the modem on a window or on the eave of your home will be sufficient. In other situations, it may be necessary to locate the modem at a higher point on your home or install a pole to get enough height.

A typical connection looks like this:

Home Business Network Example