Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about ZipLink Internet

Black Hill Area customer, please check the User Guide for more information

Here are some ways to find where your bandwidth is being used and ways to try to lower your usage:
● First, check out the Internet Usage section of the ZiplinkInternet web site. This tracks your usage daily, so days where there are spikes in the usage can help identify the cause (maybe someone was visiting that day).
● If you see in your usage that there are large amounts of uploading, this is usually caused by a file­sharing or torrent program. Settings in the program can usually decrease the amount that you share with others.
● If you have a wireless router, it is advisable to protect it with a password and periodically change the password in case it is compromised. Without a password, anyone within range of your signal can use your bandwidth (some routers have a far range).
● If you see extremely high usage, you may have a virus or malware that is causing this. Please have your computer checked and cleaned up. A good antivirus/antispyware program is essential to avoiding these situations.
● Some common Internet uses that take up a lot of bandwidth are downloading torrent files (full movies, TV shows, or large music lists), downloading game demos, and streaming video (YouTube, for example, uses about 125 MB/hour). Also, interactive gaming sites tend to use alot of data.

We are a privately owned central Texas­based company striving to bring high quality, high speed internet service at a very affordable price to the central Texas area. CellTex Networks owns and operates the ZipLink Internet service network.

Depending on location, it is available now. See the Service Areas page for up­to­date information.


The Internet service works for both residential and small business situations.  We do offer public IP addresses for an additional fee.  Please go to our Contact Us page and select 'Inquiry About Service For Business' to send us an email inquiry.


For apartment complex owners we can set up a custom system tailored for your property. You will not have to share that bandwidth with any other users. We have flexible business models, including revenue sharing. Please go to our Contact Us page and select 'Inquiry About Service For apartments' to send us an email inquiry.


Standard internet connection equipment such as a wired our wireless router should be used to connect to

the Wireless Modem. From there,

1. Any computer with any operating system that has an "Internet Browser" such as "Microsoft Internet Explorer", "Apple Safari", "Mozilla Firefox" etc.

2. Other devices that are capable of connecting to your router equipment.

 That's all!

Yes but you may be restricted on where you can mount the Wireless Modem unit. If you have an exterior window that faces one of our towers, you may be able to use the window mount included with your Wireless Modem. If a mount on the exterior of the building is required, permission from the appartment management should be obtained. See the Service Areas page for tower locations relative to your apartment complex.

The service can be used anywhere we offer service. Your Wireless Modem can be moved or you can purchase additional Wireless Modem so you can access your service from other  locations. Check theService Areas page often as we are adding new tower locations frequently.

Our aim is to provide you a superior service for a lower cost. Upload speeds, especially, should be notably faster. This means backup services such as Carbonite and sending large email attachments will be much faster.

Yes! Our most basic service plan will be fine for the occasional VoIP or Skype call, but you should really consider our higher speed plans for a better voice quality experience.

With Ziplink Internet you can use your existing email account if accessible from the internet. 

If you use an email account with a local email client tool like Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc, you need to set up your email tool to use the email servers associated with your email provider.  Some email spam filters and email servers may reject emails that do not come from an ISP associated with the mail servers.

If experiencing problems with you emails getting to the recipient, make sure to direct your outgoing email to your email provider mail servers. 

If you use a web based email such as Yahoo or Gmail and use a web browser, no changes are necessary.

Please go to our Contact Us page and select 'General Inquiry' to send us an email inquiry or give us a call.

Subscriptions, Payments, and Billing

Please see the home page at site for current rates as they may change from time to time.

We accept all the common credit cards. You are billed monthly to your credit card account. If you don't have a credit card, then you can pre pay by check.

Sorry, no. ZipLink Internet requires at least one account per household.

Yes! Once you connect your router to the Wireless Modem, all computers connected to your router, whether wired or wireless, will have internet access once you are logged on.

Yes, just contact us through the Contact Us page and tell us what you want to change or call 800­281­4ZIP(4947). Plan changes will be prorated from date of change.

Technical questions about ZipLink Internet

No, not on a standard account. Contact us for commercial services

Yes you can. However, Public IP addresses do incure an extra cost. Please contact us at if you need a public IP.

Yes you can. However, ZipLink Internet merely carries the VPN data traffic. You must provide your own VPN software, hardware and authentication systems. We cannot assist in matters related to VPN software, hardware or authentication, please contact the support desk of the company who provides you those items.

This depends on what type of user you are. If you have 2 computers or less, and no other devices connecting to your wired or wireless router, just about any router will do. However, if you run a wireless router, have many devices such as laptops, iPhones, iPads and other WiFi connected devices, you can quickly overload your router from a usable simultaneous connections point of view. There is a nice article on by Rich Menga that discribes this situation and how to deal with it. Click here for the article. In addition, here is a website that rates common home routers. We suggest that homes and business that have multiple devices accessing the network, choose a router that has a maximum Simultaneous Connections rating of 2000 or more. Routers in that class generally cost $80 and up.

The best way to see how much data you are using is to log into your account periodically at and view the usage so far in your billing cycle. For more detailed information related to your computer, you can install a program such as Networx to monitor your computers data usage. However, please keep in mind that other devices, like a DirectTV receiver that accesses your internet connection, will not be metered because the data does not flow through your computer. The same goes for devices like iPhones, iPads and other Smart Phones.

  ZipLink Internet Customers,

Over the last year, we have seen a significant increase in spam email traveling over the ZipLink Internet networks. Many of our gateway IP addresses have been identified as spamming devices and are being block by some email services. Many times spam email is generated without your knowledge by viruses, malware, botnets, etc. that may be on your computers and internet connected devices.

Based on recommended best practices from the FCC Working Group 8 of the Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council related to Internet Service Provider (ISP) Network Protection, ZipLink Internet service will be implementing a new policy that may affect its customer access to email services.

We ask that all customers examine their Internet Security and malware protection software to make sure its up to date and is set to regularly scan and proactively protect your systems.

Starting on Nov 15th, Ziplink Internet will no longer allow customers to send or receive email using port 25.
If you are strictly using web based email via a web browser (such as,, etc.), then this will not affect you.
If you are using Outlook, Outlook express or any other device based email client, including mobile devices, this may affect you.

Make sure your devices are using other secure methods to connect to your mail service, such as using port 587 with authentication.

Contact your mail service provider for more details.

If you use ZiplinInternet email service, help documents are found here.

You may use VoIP service if you wish. Keep in mind that the Ziplink Internet service is delivered via wireless technology and will inherantly be a little less reliable and subject to disturbances from enviromental and other factors outside our control. Also, keep in mid that VoIP traffic traverses many networks owned by many companies between your phone and the service its communiciating with. We only control 1 of as many as a dozen networks that your VoIP traffic could traverse.

On the Ziplink Internet network we prioritize all traffic using a Diff Service codes in the range of 46 to 55. If our network gets congested, traffic with these DSCP settings will have higher priority.

It is recommended that you have a router that is capable of prioritizing VoIP traffic from your network upstream to the Ziplink Internet network. This is usually done by implementing two mechanisms:
    1. Reserving some bandwidth for your VoIP traffic
    2. Making sure that your VoIP traffic has a DSCP value in the range above when sending traffic out.


More details are on our How It Works page. But, briefly:

  • Connect the Wireless Modem to your routers
  • Plug your computer Ethernet cable to your computer or if you have a wireless router, connect wirelessly.
  • After logging into your account, use the internet, email tools, etc as usual. Our technical support staff is available to help you with these steps. Just call the toll­free number indicated on our Contact Us pages.

We monitor our network for excessive new outbound connections(>1000) in a 5min rolling window. And this must repeat more than 10 times in and hour.

This is the hallmark signature of malware somewhere on your local network.

Be sure all your devices have their security software up to date.

You can also run tools like Malware Bytes that help alot. There is a free version of that particular tool.

Here is a site that provides some useful information on this topic.

For established customers, our technical support line is open 24x7. Our phone number is 800­281­4ZIP(4947) or send an email to

Please see the following guides from the Federal Communications Commission: 

  • Household Broadband Guide - Select to compare minimum download speed (Mbps) needs for light, moderate and high household use with one, two, three or four devices at a time (such as a laptop, tablet or game console). 
  • Broadband Speed Guide - Select to compare typical online activities with the minimum download speed (Megabits per second, or Mbps) needed for adequate performance for each application. 

Some simple things to try:

  • Make sure you Wireless Modem is powered on and the signal indicator lights show a good signal strength.
  • Make sure your router's WAN or Internet port is connected to the Wireless Modem.
  • Sometimes power cycling your equipment is helpful.
  • Try power cycling your Wireless Modem, then your router, in that order.
  • Be sure to add to your list of trusted WWW sites in your browser's security settings.

Yes you can. Then simplest way to do this is to plug additional computers or peripherals into your router or wireless router. All devices will have access to the internet. See the How it Works page for more detail.

Our wireless network uses the latest techniques to keep it secure and keep hackers from disrupting the service. In addition, there are measures we take to keep valid users on the network from reaching each other.

Despite our extra security, you should consider the Wireless Modem as your connection to the internet and you should implement standard security precautions that you would with any internet service. Some of those being, use a firewall router, use internet security software on your computers, always use at least WPA encryption on your wireless router. Our wireless network uses the latest techniques to keep it secure and keep hackers from disrupting the service. In addition, there are measures we take to keep valid users on the network from reaching each other.

As with any Internet service you choose, including ZipLink Internet, you should take precautions against Internet threats such as virus, spam, spyware, port scans, etc. We recommend that a hardware firewall with Network Address Translation (NAT) capability (included in most standard wired and wireless routers) be used between the Internet source to your home and your computer system(s). In addition, we suggest you install and use Internet security software including firewalls. Many companies offer good tools specifically for this purpose.

Yes. Simply connect the Wireless Modem main port to WAN(or Internet) port of your router. This arrangement is very similar to connecting to a cable or DSL modem, you just connect to the ZipLink Wireless modem instead.

Probably not, but our wireless network does use the license free 5.7­5.8GHz band. If you have one of the new "dual" band 802.11n type wireless routers and it is located close to the Wireless Modem, there could be some interference. If you are having trouble, try changing the channel on your wireless router.