Can I use a VoIP service like Vonage, Ooma, MajicJack on your service

You may use VoIP service if you wish. Keep in mind that the Ziplink Internet service is delivered via wireless technology and will inherantly be a little less reliable and subject to disturbances from enviromental and other factors outside our control. Also, keep in mid that VoIP traffic traverses many networks owned by many companies between your phone and the service its communiciating with. We only control 1 of as many as a dozen networks that your VoIP traffic could traverse.

On the Ziplink Internet network we prioritize all traffic using a Diff Service codes in the range of 46 to 55. If our network gets congested, traffic with these DSCP settings will have higher priority.

It is recommended that you have a router that is capable of prioritizing VoIP traffic from your network upstream to the Ziplink Internet network. This is usually done by implementing two mechanisms:
    1. Reserving some bandwidth for your VoIP traffic
    2. Making sure that your VoIP traffic has a DSCP value in the range above when sending traffic out.